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Explore our ministries and the opportunities they present to be of service and to be served. Click the envelope icon to inquire about a ministry through our online contact form.

Ministry Contact
  Christian Education
  Pastor Lynn Bethea/Pastor Brian Marshall
  Church Clerk
  A. Christine Reed
  Church Treasurer
  Pastor R. Stephane Hammond
  Comfort Ministry
  Deaconess Artrice Macon
  Community Service Program
  Pastor Lynn Bethea
  Deaconess Ministry
  Deaconess Mildred Horsley
  Deacons of Member Care
  Deacon James Robinson
  Deacons of Stewardship
  Pastor Gregory Barber
  Event Planning Ministry
  Kia Boozer/ Myra Cook
  Gatekeepers Ministry (Ushers)
  Deacon James Ellison
  Gifts of God Ministry
  Deaconess Valerie Quarterman
  Health & Wellness Ministry
  Bonnie Parker
  Hospitality Ministry
  Myra Cook
  Hour of Empowerment
  Pastor Brian Marshall
  Koinonia Outreach Kitchen/Clothing Give-Away
  Martha Dubard
  Men's Ministry
  Minister Joseph Barber
  Rosalind Jordan
  New Disciple's Ministry (New Members)
  Martha Dubard
  Prison Ministry
  Pastor Gregory Barber
  Production Team
  Aleah Jones/ Minister Michael Davis/Pastor Greg Simpson
  Rosebud Youth Choir
  Pam Byrd
  Sanctuary Choir
  Renee Jackson
  Seasoned Saints Ministry
  Pam Knight/Brenda Smith
  Security Ministry
  Pam Byrd
  Silent Praise Pantomime Ministry
  Nikkia Boozer
  Singles' Ministry
  Pam Superville
  Women of Excellence Ministry
  Dr. Melissa Jones
  Worship & Praise Ministry
  Pastor Gregory Simpson
  Young Adult Ministry
  Young Ministry

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  • Koinonia Outreach Kitchen/Clothing Give-Away
  • Outreach
  • Martha Dubard